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Self-Etching Adhesive System | Frog

Supplier: SDI Limited

Frog2 noun, a thing used to hold or fasten something

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Self etcher

Frog self-etching primer infiltrates cut tooth surfaces, effectively dissolving the smear layer formed during cavity preparation. Frog users do not require a separate etching step. Instead, the dentinal tubules are simultaneously plugged as they are etched.

The gripper

Frog deeply penetrates to form a very strong bond enabling a perfect grip to the tooth surface. Frog maintains the hydroxyapatite in the collagen fibrils assisting in mechanically bonding the adhesive to the tooth surface.
Protecting the pulp

Post-operative sensitivity is prevented: no separate etching, washing and / or drying required, hence over drying cannot occur. Patient comfort is maximised.

Nano nano nano!

Frog’s specially treated nanofillers improve the cohesive strength of the bond and ensure good adaptation to tooth structure when applied to both dentin and enamel. There will be complete marginal sealing to protect the restoration margins against the diffusion of oral fluids and microorganisms. No shaking of the bottle is required.

Proprietary monomers

Frog’s monomers are special. They ensure no degradation of the adhesive over time, increase cohesive strength of the bond and are excellent for etching, priming and durability.

Low film thickness

Frog’s low film thickness of 12 microns ensures invisible margins.

Optimal pH

Frog’s optimal pH of 2.0 allows the unblocking of the dentin tubules without aggressively decalcifying the tooth surface.

Quick and simple

Frog’s simple procedure saves chair time. There is no separate acid-etching step nor is there any mixing required. Frog is an excellent choice for pediatric dentistry.

Absolute cure

Frog contains a coloured dye indicator that turns clear after light curing. Besides being easy to see, a complete cure is assured when the colour disappears.

Any light

Containing camphorquinone, Frog will cure with any type of dental light. Frog is just waiting to be zapped!


  • bonding of direct resin based restorations
  • bonding of indirect restorations with indicated resin cement
  • bonding composite to old amalgam
  • orthodontic brackets** etching required
  • repairing composite, porcelain and hybrid ceramic restorations
  • sealing exposed root surfaces causing hypersensitivity
  • cavity sealing prior to placement of indirect restorations
  • treatment of hypersensitivity
  • desensitising cervical areas
  • crown preparations