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Shop with confidence when you purchase with WinC

Supplier: WinC By: Lee Wall
27 April, 2016

Do you ever have that twinge of doubt when inquiring and ordering off the Internet? Do you worry about the quality of the goods in question and whether or not they will actually work in the manner you require?

When you order your sheets from WinC we take our client’s needs our primary concern and we go out of our way to make sure that this internet shopping experience is a positive one. Our fitted sheets, modesty sheets, and pillow cases are made from quality, hospital grade sheeting. All stress points are double stitched to prevent the sheets from ripping out along the stitch lines. They are manufactured with tunnel elastic as in spite of the use high quality elastic, years of laundering take their toll and being able to replace the elastic gives new life, and great value to fabric linen. The linen will withstand the high temperatures of industrial washers and dryers and our aim is for your linen to give you years of good service without fading or deteriorating. With each sheet custom made to the exact size of your examination beds, the only reason for a new linen order in a short space of time should be the expansion of your practice.

At Winc, we are a small Australian concern, no sweat shops are engaged in the supply our linen.  At Winc all the sweating is done by the proprietors.  We take the orders, we give the information, we source the colours that are required by our clients, we post, package, invoice and sew, so our clients know that they are getting a truly professional package for their surgeries. You are dealing with us,the owners, who take pride in their service and their relationship with their customers.

We at Winc supply linen to all types of medical practices.  All of our sheets are made individually with you the client, catered for, to the maximum. With some specialty beds, quite intricate fitting is required and we work with the client to ensure the best fit and product for the examination bed.  For this reason quite often we will make a ‘one of ‘ sheet for you to try so you are truly be happy with your experience with Winc. There is also, no minimum order at WinC. Each of our customers is equally important, whether they are ordering a single sheet or sheets for a whole medical centre.

So do not be nervous when ordering the linen for your practice online. We, at WinC, will ensure your experience is a positive one and your practice’s image will be one of professionalism with well fitting linen that is both smart and durable.