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Slit Lamp Photocoagulator | Integre Pro™

Supplier: Ellex Medical) Limited

The Integre Pro™ is the first all-in-one laser/slit lamp photocoagulator to offer customised configuration of yellow, red and green wavelengths.

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The Integre Pro™ slit lamp photocoagulator lets you choose the configuration which best meets your clinical requirements in order to maximise treatment flexibility.

This advanced photocoagulator platform starts by improving your vision: the Integre Pro™ integrates the treatment laser in the diagnostic slit lamp to deliver a high-resolution image with a wider peripheral view and optimum illumination of the fundus.

Clinical versatility

With the Integre Pro™ you can select from a number of wavelength configurations in order to best meet your clinical requirements, optimising patient results:

Better diagnosis and treatment all in one

The purpose-built Integre Pro™ slit lamp provides high-precision optics matched for optimum laser performance – creating the industry’s leading system for the diagnosis and treatment of retinal disease. Featuring a 10-degree stereoscopic angle, the Integre Pro™ provides better depth perception and a wider peripheral view, combined with high-contrast imaging and optimal illumination of the fundus. In addition, the system’s True Spot™ optical system offers a uniform, sharp-edged top-hat beam on the retina with the added benefit of low power density at the cornea.

Designed to maximise your workflow

The Integre Pro’s all-in-one laser/slit lamp design provides you with additional working space – making it easier to align the patient and to position the contact lens. It also offers the added benefit of convenient access to the ambidextrous laser controls and allows you to perform treatment without disturbing your view of the treatment area.

Unlike other photocoagulator and multi-colour laser systems, which require an external dichroic or fixed mirror in order to connect the laser to the slit lamp, the Integre Pro™ integrates the laser delivery optics inside the slit lamp, ensuring the laser beam is perfectly coaxial with your line of vision. This provides better visualisation and optimal illumination.

In addition, this integration of the treatment laser with the diagnostic slit lamp minimises system downtime, because there are no exposed fibre-optic or electrical cables to accidentally damage. It also eliminates the need for you to calibrate the system, or to reposition cables or adapters – simply aim, shoot and fire.

Greater efficiency at the touch of a button

The Integre Pro’s yellow-red and green-red wavelength configurations deliver the full treatment spectrum of traditional multi-colour lasers – and all at the touch of a button. Switch easily between wavelengths for seamless retinal treatments, allowing you to perform multiple procedures in one setting: target localised pathologies with short laser shots, homogeneously distribute the laser energy over a large area for controlled applications in single shot mode, or quickly and efficiently apply the laser energy in repeat mode.

Fundamentally better

Designed to make photocoagulation procedures as efficient as possible, the Integre Pro™ incorporates a unique single pump, solid-state dual-mode laser cavity design. This innovative cavity design provides stable, high-power output for the most demanding of ophthalmic procedures.

Control at your fingertips

The Integre Pro™ features a high-precision micromanipulator that allows you to accurately perform grid treatments near the macula, whilst exquisite titration control offers optimal flexibility and accuracy when treating in areas of varied retinal pigmentation.

Maximise your investment

The Integre Pro™ is an affordable alternative to the traditional multi-colour laser. It also has an upgrade path to the yellow-red and green-red configurations, enabling you to add an additional wavelength as your practice and clinical requirements grow.

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