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SmartCare Programmable Pressure Management System - testimonials

Supplier: Smart Tech
18 April, 2012

The "SmartCare Programmable Pressure Management System" is suitable for people who are immobile.

The system reduces the likelihood of Pressure Ulcers developing and also assists in healing pressure ulcers. There are 2 versions, one is for use in ICU wards in hospitals and the other may be used in hospitals, aged care facilities and private homes.

For private homes where members of the immediate family are the carers, the biggest benefit is the ability of both the patient and carer getting a full night's sleep and NOT having to turn the patient.

In aged care facilities the same applies and as reported in the video, the patients are get a full night's sleep and as a result are much happier and easier to care for. In a hospital situation, the nurses do NOT have to turn the patient and therefore can attend to other nursing duties and are NOT at risk of back injuries.

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