Solid Titanium Oxide PCO Antiviral Chamber that Lasts for Years

06 Apr 2021

AiroDoctor's photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) chamber is designed to run 24/7 for the lifetime of the machine, maintenance-free.


COVID-19 is spread through the air when we speak, cough, sneeze and laugh. While the sun shines and we spend our days enjoying the outdoors, it’s hardly a worry. While Australians are returning to offices, it means more time indoors. Enclosed spaces help viruses spread. Get ahead of coronaviruses with AiroDoctor’s cutting edge air purification so you can keep laughing.

AiroDoctor's PCO chamber consists of 250 g of solid Titanium Oxide nanoparticles. Working together with an array of energy-efficient UV-A LED lights, it is designed to run 45,000+ hours maintenance-free.  With its integrated HEPA and activated carbon filter, it continuously remove airborne viruses, microbes, bushfire smoke, fine dust particles and odour from the air.

Similar to other air purifiers, its HEPA and activated carbon filter needs to be changed regularly.  This strongly depends on the air quality in the surroundings.  However, unlike conventional air purifiers based on HEPA technology, AiroDoctor's additional PCO chamber directly eliminates infectious viruses.  Having the PCO chamber being activate and sanitising the air at all the time, regular replacement of the integrated HEPA and activated carbon filter is no longer as critical.  Saturated filters will only need to be replaced when users find dust filtration is no longer effective.  This is indicated by AiroDoctor's PM2.5 particle sensor.

Replacing the integrated HEPA and activated carbon is simple.  It can be completed in 5 minutes.  No tools are required.  See our instruction video to find out more.

AiroDoctor is certified by the European Centre of Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), ready to tackle hay fever in spring, bushfire smoke in summer and airborne viruses in winter.