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Stand-Up Floor Alarm-Lino

Supplier: Pelican Manufacturing

The Stand-Up Floor Alarm-Lino has been made as thin as possible to help prevent trips, with the material used 1.5mm thick at the edge. On the top is a wipe-able lino material, and underneath is a miracle grip material to help the Mat stay in position when someone is standing on it.

Price Guide: AUD $195

Item # 444FL - Sounding Box Alarm
Item # 444FLNC - Nurse Call 1 Black Band
Item # 444FLC2 - Nurse Call 2 Black Band

Stand-Up Alarms can be a very helpful way of monitoring a patient's movement without physical or chemical restraining. They are normally used with people who stand up from a chair or get out of bed and could fall over. Sometimes the patient may be able to walk but due to dementia, they may put themselves or others in danger. The Stand-Up Floor Alarm-Lino is an alternative to the standard Stand-Up Floor Alarm that is still part of the Pelican range of Falls Prevention products.

Stand-Up Floor Alarms, both the original and the new Lino version, are the most recommended item in our alarm range for people getting out of bed. This is because they generally give the earliest warning of when someone is getting out of bed to try to walk. When someone goes to get out of bed, they can have the weight of their feet on the Floor Alarm-Lino, setting it off. If they were using the Bed Alarm that is placed on top of the mattress, it will not sound until after the patient gets out of bed. Floor Alarms can give vital extra time when someone is starting to stand up.

The Stand-Up Floor Alarm-Lino is placed on the floor next to the bed, normally on the side closest to the door or toilet, as this is the side people generally get out of bed during the night.

There are two options with regard to the alarm alerting Carers: either an alarm box which makes a sound (item # 444FL) or it can plug into the nurse call system and set off the Carers' pagers (items 444FLNC and 444FLNC2).

The alarm box has variable volumes and tones with a 5 meter cable. Also available is a 10 meter extension cord (Item # 444EC). Extension cords can be linked together so that the alarm box can be placed virtually anywhere. Most facilties keep the alarm box in the corridor, but some have wired it through the ceiling, across other rooms to the nurses' station.

The Stand-Up Floor Alarm-Lino that plugs into the nurse call system comes with a double adapter, so that the normal nurse call button can still be used in conjunction with this Stand-Up Floor Alarm-Lino.

When placed correctly this item should not be a tripping hazard, as part of the mat goes under the bed so that when the person steps out of bed, they are putting their feet close to the middle of the mat.

The length of the mat (130cm) is designed so that it will fit between most bed legs.

Warranty – 12 months

This item may be of interest if you are wondering how to stop patients falling out of bed, or falls prevention for aged care.

IMPORTANT: The internal Contact Sheets may wear over time and require replacing for this product to work. We recommend purchasing spare Contact Sheets when purchasing this product. Click here to link to the Stand-Up Floor Alarm-Lino Contact Sheets item.