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Stealth Products: Comfort and Quality

Supplier: Pride Mobility Products
17 December, 2015

As a member of the Quantum® family of companies, Stealth Products® continues supplying complex rehab solutions for all manufacturers’ wheelchairs and is dedicated to assisting those with disabilities to live an independent life.

We are pleased to announce that Quantum Rehab® has acquired Stealth Products, Inc., the leader in complex rehab components and accessories. Stealth Products will continue its independent daily operations.

Founded in 1999, and located in Burnet, Texas, Stealth is an innovator in head and body positioning components, specialty mounting hardware, pediatric mobility systems, and specialty drive controls. Stealth most recently revolutionized specialty controls with its I-Drive™ head array that’s fully programmable to the user’s needs.

How Quantum Rehab and Stealth Products Function Under the Acquisition

  • Individual focus – both Quantum and Stealth remain individually true to their core businesses and customer experiences.
  • A shared drive for innovation – Quantum and Stealth continue as innovators to best serve the complex rehab market at large.
  • Increased industry-based collaboration – with Quantum as a power base and power positioning manufacturer and Stealth as a specialty component manufacturer, complex rehab technologies will best interface moving forward.
  • Seamless service – Stealth will continue to offer their product solutions across the market with no interruption of service.
  • No change in management, field reps or distribution – Stealth continues its own separate management, field representation and distribution. Lorenzo Romero remains as President, and Gabriel Romero remains as Director of Sales.
  • Complete complex rehab solutions – single order process for a complete complex rehab solution.
  • Improved efficiencies – while Quantum and Stealth both operate independently, they will allow Quantum customers increased opportunities for single-source invoicing.
  • Contracted pricing – for the immediate future there will be no interruption to the independent contract pricing at each organization as it exists today.
  • Enhanced tech service – Quantum and Stealth will be optimized within the Quantum brand, with industry-leading tech support with a single call.

"We are united by a common culture based on a passion for innovating and driving the clinician, provider, and consumer experience," said Jay Brislin, Vice President of Quantum Rehab. "We're excited that the acquisition allows both companies to focus on core needs within the industry and, most importantly, further evolve and develop the technologies to best serve complex rehab consumers."