STERI-7 World recognised innovative infection control solutions

Supplier: Anaeron Medical Supplies
28 February, 2020

Easy and Friendly to Use, NO Pre-Cleaning or Rinsing Required. Effective against Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Fungi, Mould & TB

Proven to Kill C.Difficile, MRSA, VRE, Tuberculosis and Parvovirus

  • Highly effective in CLEAN and DIRTY conditions (DIRTY CONDITIONS = 5% soiling as per TGA 54 option B).
  • A disinfectant cleaner which doesn’t need to be rinsed, saving time and money.
  • No ventilation required and low risk to people, equipment and the environment.
  • Reactive Barrier Technology (RBT), creates a barrier which stays active between cleans for ongoing protection.
  • The active RBT continues to work once dried – no need for wet contact times.
  • All STERI-7™ (S-7XTRA) products contain multi-actives, providing BIOCIDAL performance thereby helping to reduce the chance of pathogens building resistance.
  •  Proven Safe to use on any material or surface - including fabrics, plastics, soft metals, stainless steel and medical equipment including ultrasound & endoscopes.


  • Concentrates 5L
    • Manufactured in Australia
    • To be diluted and dispensed into trigger bottles or buckets for high volume cleaning solutions
    • Low-foaming formula makes it ideal in cleaning and scrubbing machines and manual cleaning equipment
    • Represents the most economical way to purchase as it can be diluted between 1:10 and 1:50


  • Ready to Use
  • 750ml Trigger
  • 500ml Squirt
  • 5L RTU
  • 200 Tub Wipes
  • S-7 80 Pillow Wipes
    • Formulated for cleaning areas exposed from medium to high risk contamination
    • Medical equipment
    • Work surfaces, tables, counters, benches etc.
    • Chairs, treatment tables and large equipment. Toilets, sinks, baths
    • Seats and sofas
    • Dispensers
    • Floors, walls and handrails
    • Light switches, computers

Hand Hygiene
Let’s get back to the basics–
The most common way germs are spread is by people’s hands.

HAND HYGIENE is the single most important thing you can do to help reduce the spread of infections.

IT’S SIMPLE: Wash your hands as often as possible and use a hand rub to keep your hands cleaner for longer.

What to do when clean water is not available.

When water is not close at hand; we recommend using STERI-7 hand rub.

It will protect your skin for up to 3 hours and is highly effective in soiled conditions.

STERI-7 Hand Rub is a non-alcohol foaming hand cleaner.

Used regularly it provides unrivalled protection which has been tested by and complies with W.H.O. and EN requirements for hand hygiene.

Widely used in emergency services and first responders. Its non-drying formula protects you from pathogens and skin conditions brought on by harsh alcohol-based products.