Stylish walk-in spa bath

Supplier: Safe Bath Australasia
21 March, 2015

A stylish walk-in spa bath and shower opens the door to space, safety and easy installation benefits.

A stylish walk-in spa bath and shower being introduced by Safe-Bath Australasia offers all the comfort of larger walk-in spa baths, but features enhanced safety benefits and is more easily, quickly and compactly installed in a wider range of homes.

The Grand Deluxe 1700mm bath - with easy-access door openings to the left or right - provides a traditional reclined bathing experience with non-slip seat and contoured back support, as well as safety-oriented stand-up showering on a flat, non-slip bottom that caters for children, older people and people with disabilities.

"This economically installed quality bath was created to provide in the one stylish unit a combination of the traditional reclined bathing experience as well as safe showering -while removing the difficulties associated with having to step up, over and into the bath," says Safe-Bath Australia Managing Director Adam Deeby.

"The easy-entry door eliminates this awkward and sometimes hazardous process, while the flat floor design also eliminates curved surfaces that can also be the cause of slip and fall accidents affecting not only children, handicapped and older people, but also approximately one in five Australians suffering some degree of disability

"The Grand Deluxe 1700mm's compact combination of full lie-down bathing and full stand-up showering is a unique concept that appeals to a wide range of quality, space an budget considerations," said Mr Deeby.

In addition to fitting compactly into the space of existing baths replaced during renovations, the dual-purpose bath fits readily into any location in family homes where bathrooms are being added. It also ideally suits the more compact apartments and more compact stand-alone dwellings favoured by people downsizing to easily managed properties. The bath will fit through any standard 30 inch 976.2cm) door opening.

Pre-plumbed for easy installation without major site preparation - and supplied with all plumbing fixtures - the Grand Deluxe 1700 can typically be installed in 4-6 hours in any convenient location in diverse homes.

Measuring just 1700mmL x 800mmW x 600mm H (with supplied quality full shower screen 1378mm H by 771 W ), the Grand Deluxe 1700 uses less water than larger baths but provides optimum comfort with seat, back and arm rests moulded to provide maximum support and comfort. A 1500w heat pump and 1hp air pump feed the bath’s 14 water jets. All pipes for the whirlpool drain when the tub is drained to improve sanitation.

Grand Deluxe 1700mm baths are made from marine-grade, gel-coated fibreglass for durability. They feature adjustable scald-guard taps for safety, with hand-held or fixed point showering and palm-pad door system for user convenience.

All Safe Bath products meet the highest Australian standards as stipulated under quality scheme certification No. N 24261. The shower head and plumbing meet required Australian Standards.