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Suction Unit | Twin -O-Vac™

Supplier: BOC Ltd

The Twin-O-Vac is a low cost versatile unit when extra or portable sources of Oxygen or Suction are required.

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It provides three services in one handy, compact unit.

Each Twin-O-Vac uses one Oxygen outlet to provide variable suction plus two separate sources of Oxygen.

All three outlets can be used simultaneously on up to three different patients if necessary.

It can also be connected to or linked with an assortment of equipment including resuscitators, flowmeters, infant warmers, resuscitation trolleys and humidifiers.

The Twin-O-Vac features an easy-to-read vacuum gauge that enables you to set and maintain the precise degree of suction required.

This is particularly valuable for paediatric use.

Bacterial Protection

An easily changed bacterial filter reduces chances of cross infection.


  • The adjustable suction control allows the suction level to be monitored by observing the reading on the vacuum gauge
  • Weighing approximately 600 grams, the unit is easily handled and eases the load on pipeline outlets and cylinder regulators
  • Only three moving parts in the control head
  • Common areas of use are:
    • General wards including transporting patients
    • Emergency wards, ambulances, portable resuscitation kits and resuscitation carts
    • Paediatric wards

Low Suction Attachment

Designed for use with Venturi suction systems, this device offers the following features:

  • A safety valve designed to prevent negative pressures greater than -25 kPa being supplied
  • A diaphragm gauge with full scale deflection of -25 kPa which gives a clear indication of low pressures
  • A non-return valve which prevents any positive pressure being applied should a fault occur in the suction source
  • A positive pressure relief valve within the patient circuit for additional safety

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