Taleb expands its operations to encompass GPS Medical Centres

09 July, 2009

Taleb Medical is currently in the process of expanding its operations to include General Practice Medical Centers and Ambulance and Military Services, as well as secondary and tertiary hospitals.

Following its recent acquisition of a partly established product range from GE Healthcare, Taleb Medical is in the process of setting up a new division in alternative healthcare, which includes homecare and sleep medicine. It is also seeking a new product specialist to help it develop this area of the business.

The company itself was established in March 2001 by Taleb Taleb after 26 years of clinical, marketing and sales experience in the Australian and New Zealand health care systems.

Taleb Taleb, the managing director, says that the company supplies the most comprehensive range of ventilation products in Australasia to homecare, sleep and critical care areas of medicine, including emergency departments, respiratory wards, intensive care and coronary care units.

Its products include capital equipment from several high quality manufacturers, including the VersaMed iVent, GE Healthcare items, Aeonmed products and the E-Vent Inspiration ventilator ranges. Additionally, it offers a  a host of cardiology and other multi-parameter physiological monitoring ranges of equipment from Choice Med and Edan Inc.

Apart from the capital equipment items, it also offers a range of consumables which complete and compliment the above equipment range. These products and their other offerings provide a fairly comprehensive critical care and alternate healthcare package, to offer solutions to its customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Taleb appreciates that the new expansion of Taleb Medical requires fresh approaches to sales and marketing. As a result, the staff will be required to be more flexible in their thinking and will need to adopt new working styles.

Taleb has managed to forge a highly respected reputation in the medical and nursing community through his ethics and expert knowledge in the field of respiratory management and ventilatory practices, so it is important to sustain these ethics.

“Over the years, Taleb Medical has shown great professionalism, passion and commitment for the purpose of ensuring customer satisfaction,” says Taleb. “Ongoing after sales education and support is a trademark of the company's policy, which has set us apart from our competitors. The emphasis is on long term sales through ongoing excellence in educating and servicing our customers.

“Staff are therefore sought out and chosen to reflect these abilities. As a new staff member, each person plays an integral role in the formulation and maintenance of this philosophy and the company's strategic direction. This direction is to sell “best in class” and “first in class” products, which provide effective and price efficient solutions to all our customers. This is followed by the maintenance of a high company profile in the chosen market segment, with the provision of professional and exceptional value added activities, including education and other kinds of customer support.”

It is fundamental to Taleb that all its sales personnel are ready, willing and able to educate customers on all levels relevant to their core business activities. Therefore, ongoing active research is carried out to develop advanced scientific knowledge and accumulation of strategic information. Taleb adds that general knowledge is paramount in all of its dealings.

“In fact, as skill levels develop with extra training, staff are required to give educational presentations to many areas of the medical industry, such as nurses, sleep scientists, therapists, tertiary education students and educators. However, this role does not consume any more than 10% of their time in the field.

“Therefore excellence in knowledge and the ability to pass on this knowledge to both Taleb Medical and customer personnel is an absolute prerequisite. It is at the core of our competitive advantage in  our market.”

Taleb is also the principle educator and trainer at Taleb Medical, which involves educating people on Taleb Medical equipment and all aspects of knowledge required for the job.

He is very passionate about making sure his staff can deliver the best quality service possible.

“Initiating, maintaining and finalising sales objectives involves expert communication, knowledge, intuition and assertive skills. Maintaining ongoing dealings with clients involves value added activities and an approach to utilising excellent communication and open amicable and sincere relationships. A fundamental and key skill in this area involves 'listening.'

Taleb is an expert in this field, who is only too happy to pass on the intricate skills and knowledge he has acquired over the last 20 years to you to his staff.

Key personnel:

Managing Director

Taleb Taleb is the managing director. His role involves directing sales and marketing, financial management, development and sometimes the implementation of specialist training programs, staff and company policy/strategy and development.

Chief Biomedical Engineering

Rajesh Suresh is the Chief Biomedical Engineer. Raj is primarily responsible for the management of all technical and service issues pertaining to all the equipment range, including all repairs and the implementation of service contracts and regulatory requirements of the all products sold. In addition, Raj manages the information technology needs of Taleb Medical.