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TattooStar Laser Tattoo Removal and Pigmented Lesion System

Supplier: High Tech Laser

Versatile tattoo removal laser available in multiple Q-switched wavelengths with hexagonal treatment area to avoid treatment overlap

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More than 30 million people of the Western industrial nations have tattoos and the number is still growing. Early in life tattoos are considered a symbol of freedom but with advancing age they often become a burden. The demand for safe and effective removal of Tattoos will continue to grow as fashions and lifestyle dictate changes over time.

The Unique Technology Of The TattooStar

The unparalleled beam forming technology of the TattooStar creates homogenous energy distribution over the laser spot area. This is achieved via a unique micro-lens array in the handpiece that produces a hexagonal beam profile. This improves treatment comfort and results, and allows for gapless removal of unwanted pigments that lasers with circular spot areas could not achieve.

Higher Energy Density For High Quality Results

The wavelength of laser light emitted by the TattooStar is selectively absorbed by the ink particles in the skin. The resultant energy fragments the encapsulated colour particles without thermally damaging surrounding tissue.

The TattooStar’s large, homogenous beam profile achieves fast and efficient removal of tattoos or unwanted pigmentation. The TattooStar is electronically Q-switched to allow the production of rapid laser pulses with high peak power. This delivers more energy to the targeted pigments while limiting thermal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Target A Greater Range Of Colours With Greater Comfort

The wavelength of light employed by the TattooStar targets a wider range of tattoo colours than other wavelengths and the TattooStar can also be used for treating pigmented lesions. This means you can attract greater numbers of clients with a single system.

Attractive, Compact Design And Intuitive Interface

The TattooStar features a user-friendly control interface including an editable parameter library. It features automatic spot-size detection and the optional extra of connecting a skin-cooling system to the handpiece for even greater treatment comfort.