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Technical Services

Supplier: BOC Ltd

During construction or refurbishment BOC can supply and install the full requirement of medical gas delivery components.

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Such items include the latest in gas delivery systems, bedhead ducting, multi-service pendants, wall mounted panel and rail systems, warning systems, zone isolation valve boxes and cylinder retaining systems.

Isolation Valve Box

The BOC isolation valve boxes meet the need to isolate medical gas services to specific areas in a hospital in case of an emergency or for general maintenance.

The recessed valve boxes provide protection and accessibility for the isolation shut-off valves and permit the location of valves in areas readily accessible to medical personnel but restrict unauthorised tampering.

Because of the need to isolate a variety of different work areas such as an operating room as opposed to a general ward, a variety of valve sizes and valve numbers are available.

Special medical gas valves have been chosen to provide safe piping of oxygen and to aid in maintenance.

Gas Cylinder Retaining System

Gas cylinders left unrestrained in hospital wards, laboratories, or workshops have the potential to cause serious injury or damage if they are accidentally knocked over. This hazard is well recognised by Occupation Health and Safety groups who advocate that cylinders should be secured at all times.

BOC Gases have developed a Cylinder Retaining System to eliminate this hazard. The system consists of just two parts, a mounting rail to accommodate any number of cylinders and the cylinder retaining bracket.

The mounting rail is fixed to the location approximately two thirds of the cylinder height from the floor and the required number of cylinder brackets fitted to the rail.


Multerail is a simple mounting system for securing equipment and services in the patient area. Multerail allows equipment to be easily attached or transferred to other locations, maximising use of each item of equipment and avoiding costly duplication.

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