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Tente Castors & Wheels

Tente Castors & Wheels | Castors & Wheels Handling Solutions

Tente Castors & Wheels

Tente Castors & Wheels are located in Lidcombe NSW, supplying Australia with castors, wheels, handling and storage solutions for over 20 years. TENTE is one of the world's largest and innovative castor and wheels manufacturers and has a global presence in over 27 countries.

TENTE's dedication to quality and the integrity of our products is second to none and being manufactured in Germany and exported around the world offers our customer a consistent quality product every time. Our handling solution of equipment helps you move with ease; from lifting, pulling, pushing and storing we have a product to suit every industry and application, offices, schools, shopping centres, warehouses, hospitals, workshops, food and general manufacturing, aviation, mining, construction and agriculture.

TENTE Castors and Wheels supply some of the most innovative and trusted brands in Australia.

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Tente Castors & Wheels (formally Moore Equipment) supplys castors and wheels, materials handling, storage, and lifting equipment.

Tente Castors & Wheels supply some of the most innovative and well known brands in Australia.

Our wheels and castor range is sourced from Tente Germany. Tente has gained a leading position in the world’s markets with its innovative ideas, perfected products and high quality.

Tente Castors & Wheels are also committed to supporting Australian brands such as Viscount Plastics for plastic bins and tubs, Hills Industries for ladders and order pickers and Safetech for stretch wrappers and lifting equipment.

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