Terumo makes sure that its products are safe for the environment

Supplier: Terumo Australia
07 September, 2009

Terumo Corporation is proud of its environmental record when it comes to creating products and the company goes to great lengths to make sure these items do not let off too many emissions.

With a global network of over 80 offices, factories and research facilities, servicing more than 150 countries, its main customers are hospitals and blood services.

The Australian branch began in 1974. Its product divisions include general hospital products, blood transfusion systems, cardiovascular systems, artificial vascular grafts, angiographic and interventional systems and laboratory products.

Through its manufacturing process, the company has demonstrated a genuine commitment to minimise its environmental impact.

This has involved:

  • ascertaining the environmental impact of its activities
  • developing environmentally friendly products
  • making effective use of energy and resources
  • reducing industrial waste by achieving zero landfill emissions
  • preventing pollution by cutting CO2, dichloromethane and ethylene oxide emissions, actively conserving wate
  • encouraging volunteerism and increased environmental awareness among its employees.

Some of its products are made with safety strongly in mind too. For instance, Terumo's SurGuard2 Safety Needle Protection System avoids using a stick and uses a simple click instead. This reduces the risk of needle stick injuries.

This particular product includes a safety mechanism, which involves a simple locking shield that significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

The activation of the safety device is clearly indicated by an audible click upon activation and can be confirmed visually.

It is very easy to use and the intuitive safety shield can be turned on easily with one hand. It is also convenient because the standard hub fits all luer lock and luer slip syringes and the injection site is not obscured because the shield can be positioned in the most convenient way.

They also come in small, compact packaging, which reduces waste. There is a broad product line of sizes, with needles available alone or in combination with the syringe. The Terumo thin wall needle is also convenient for increased flow rates.

In addition, the company also offers the Haemolance Plus Safety lancet for capillary blood sampling, which is a single use product that cannot be reloaded and therefore reused, making it safe for both the patient and the health professional.

The needle is hidden in the cartridge and retracts permanently after use. It is easy to use, thanks to its ergonomic shape and grip of the lancet, which makes it easy to use while giving the confidence of a controlled, uniform and accurate sampling result.

It comes in six sizes to select from, which cover all likely skin types, patient ages and flow requirements.

Terumo is famous for high quality products and it has earned the ISO 9001 (2000) standard for quality management and ISO 13485 for medical devices.

The company was also awarded the CSIA 2006/07 NSW Customer Service Excellence Award for small business.