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The Detox Box

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The Detox Box™ uses safe and naturally occurring far infrared rays that effectively detoxify the body of many lifelong accumulated toxins and heavy metals.

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The far infrared rays enable the body to produce more sweat than in a traditional sauna without the need for high temperatures.

The Detox Box operates effectively at the comfortable temperature of between 30-45ºC.

Regular use of a unit from the hypoallergenic Detox Box™ range will assist in the clearing of cellulite, improving skin tone, helping with weight management and energising the body whilst relaxing the mind.

Today, studies show that most of us have between 400 and 800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of our bodies.

These chemicals and heavy metals make up the "total toxic burden". When our bodies exceed the limit that we can excrete, we begin to store these toxins.

This bioaccumulation seriously compromises our physiological and psychological health and leads to chronic disease.

Designed in Australia by High Tech Health, The Detox Box™ has evolved as the market leader by offering superior quality, value for money, energy efficiency, product effectiveness and supportive after-sales service.

Leading day spas, health centres and home users are choosing The Detox Box™ for wellness.


Sweating therapy has long been known to be an effective health tool.

Far infrared sauna is proving to be the most effective sweating therapy for detoxification.

A 30-minute session in The Detox Box™ may provide the following health benefits:

Detoxify safely & effectively: The Detox Box™ removes toxins, such as heavy metals (see sweat analysis chart), that accumulate due to sluggish elimination.

It increases the eliminative, detoxifying and cleansing capacity of the skin by stimulating the sweat glands.

Assist in weight management: A single sauna session will burn as many calories as you would rowing a boat for 30 minutes. Weight loss occurs because body fat becomes water soluble at 43oC and the body will remove it through sweat.

Often the inability to lose weight is associated with chemical toxicity. NASA concluded in the 1980’s that far infrared stimulation is the ideal way for astronauts to maintain cardiovascular conditioning during long space flights.

Clear cellulite: Cellulite occurs as a result of the body storing toxins in fat (adipose) tissues.

The far infrared rays penetrate the body 4-6cms, drawing toxins from this part of the body, reducing cellulite. It is particularly effective in cellulite reduction when used in conjunction with a program including a healthy diet and massage.

Improve skin tone: By improving circulation, far infrared sauna has been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, lesions and cuts.

Far infrared rays also support the cells energy enabling cell functions to be enhanced, resulting in softer, silkier and more radiant skin.

Energise the body & relax the mind: Enjoy a sense of relaxation and revitalization as your body releases endorphins “the happy hormone” you’re your system.

Continuous strain on the autonomic nervous system often leads to a high level of stress, one of the elusive causes of many chronic diseases.

Several researchers have linked endorphins to enhancing the immune system, relieving pain, reducing stress and delaying the ageing process.

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