The dynamic energy of Alpha Pulse

Supplier: Cellwell International LLC. By: CellWell
15 October, 2017

Alpha Pulse, a natural biological process.

The whole body is controlled by electric impulses. These impulses may originate from nerve cells, from muscles, joints or tiny electric signals in bone or cartilage. As part of the natural biological processes, cells in bone and cartilage donate positively and negatively charged ions to the surrounding tissues and take them up again as a result of local stresses and strains, for example, when walking. This process creates a small electrical impulse, which is established whenever we move.

For example, when you take a step, you generate a small electrical impulse; if you take a thousand steps during the course of a day, you generate a large number of these impulses. These impulses have a positive effect on the cells in your body because, when you rest at night, they bring about a regeneration of the cells and you recover.  

As a result, you will be able once more to take your thousand steps the following day. But what can you do to provide muscles, ligaments, cartilage or bones with these regenerating impulses, if you can no longer bear weight and move in an appropriate fashion? Alpha Pulse Therapy will enable you to experience a situation that is the same as if you took the total day's number of steps during the 20 - 30 minute treatment.

Alpha Pulse Therapy. A Closer Look.

The crucial difference is, you do not cause any wear to your joints and do not suffer any pain, because you have not moved at all. Alpha Pulse Therapy is based on this realisation. As a result, you can have a positive effect upon natural biological processes and achieve amazing therapeutic results.

There are a whole series of physical processes, whereby the process of healing under the influence of pulsating magnetic fields with extremely low frequencies can be explained scientifically. The general principle is that pulsating magnetic fields produce dynamic effects in human tissues. This is caused by activation of the ion transport at the cell membranes and of the metabolic process of individual cells. This activation of cells in the body is of crucial importance for the healing process, as the metabolic processes are very closely associated with cell function. And, as the name suggests, “substances” must also be able to “change”. In other words, waste products must be transported out of the cell, and cell-stimulating substances (such as oxygen and enzymes) must be transported into the cell so that the cell can regenerate itself or actually stay alive. For this, a healthy cell needs a small electric potential that enables substances - by a chemical reaction - to penetrate the cell wall. When a cell is no longer healthy, its electrical potential is too small. The cell is therefore unable to carry out exchanges with the surrounding tissues to a sufficient extent.

It is also unable to receive and transmit information any longer (particularly important for nerve cells). Alpha Pulse Therapy can help here. The pulsating magnetic field causes an immediate increase in the electrical potential of the cell. The metabolism of the cell is immediately supported and the cell “works” again. Information can also once again be received and transmitted. A medical study at Harvard University shows a measurable reaction of the central nervous system to Alpha Pulse Therapy. In fractures, Alpha Pulse Therapy simulates a micro-movement at the site of the fracture, which gives a signal to the bone cells to migrate through the fracture and heal it.

The pulsed magnetic field produces a microvibration in the vessel walls. As a result, receptors are stimulated, which bring about a dilatation of blood vessels, down to the smallest arterioles, and hence an improvement in blood flow. The clear increase in the oxygen capacity of the blood also supports the healing process. Alpha Pulse Therapy also has a powerful effect on reducing oedema and haematomas. An increased enzyme activity is demonstrable - enzymes act as biocatalysts, which, for example, are responsible for cartilage formation, strengthening of the bone structure and the obtaining of energy by the body. It has been scientifically proved that the cells in our body do not react to electric impulses alone but also to their frequency, intensity and wave form. Everyone reacts slightly differently.

In Alpha Pulse Therapy, we compose an individual treatment plan for each patient and find the most promising combination of the possible settings offered by the magnetic field devices. This is one of the most important reasons for the outstanding therapeutic success of Alpha Pulse Therapy. To this must be added: Alpha Pulse Therapy works exclusively with pulsating magnetic fields with an extremely low frequency. Treatment does not involve drugs, is free of side effects and is not invasive.