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The elderly need cooling down too!

Supplier: HealthSaver By: Ian Lancaster
16 January, 2014

As the chief Health Officers across Australia warn of extreme temperatures affecting the health of thousands of the elderly, the Bureau of Meteorology is trailing a new product that may be able to forecast heatwaves.

The latest Australian Ageing Agenda reports: "The state's Chief Health Officer, Dr Rosemary Lester, said 'heat-related illness could affect anyone and a range of actions should be taken to minimise the potential harm extreme heat can cause'."

Dr Lester also said: "The effects of heat-related illnesses can range from mild conditions such as a rash or cramps to very serious conditions such as heat stroke, which can be fatal. Importantly, heat may worsen the condition of someone who already has a medical condition such as heart disease."

HealthSaver is responding to this need by highlighting the need for people to use their gel cooling products, such as the Skil-Care range of gel cushions to minimise skin damaging conditions.

The water-based gel in these cushions is very effective in weight distribution (maximising interface contact area), reduction of shearing forces, and particularly heat build-up.

The advantages of gels cooling effect is highlighted by studies that have determined that a one-degree build up of body temperature increases the metabolic demand of the tissue by 10 per cent which in turn contributes to an increase in the propensity to develop pressure sores.