The hottest and coolest box around!

Warequip is proud to announce a hot new item to our ever expanding range of products.

This product is designed for hot and cold storage and can be collapsed down to ½ of its size when not in use.

The insulation box is the top product of the Flip-Box range. With 23 – 40 litre capacities they offer a huge transport volume. Due to their extra stable walls and joints, they can carry from 20-40 kg of weight depending on the model. The insulation is made to chill drinks up to 10 hours.

The fixated walls and lids provide a very dense and stable box. Therefore Flip-Box is the right choice even for very excessive loads.

Flip-Box is produced using energy saving technology.

  • more volume with 23-40 litres
  • extra stable walls
  • made of very robust material
  • high performance insulation
  • carries from 20-40 kg weight

The Flip Box is available from Warequip.