The Invacare® ColibriTM: The route to effortless & safe driving

Supplier: Invacare
25 June, 2014

The new Invacare® ColibriTM micro lightweight scooter has been developed to give users greater freedom of travel, exceptional standards of safety and comfort, and a unique choice of colours.

No tools, no stress, no limits

The ingenious and unique LiteLockTM system is an Invacare® exclusive design. It enables the ColibriTM scooter to be easily taken apart in less than a minute without the need for tools.

The individual parts of the scooter are designed in such a way that their weight and balance makes lifting the dismantled scooter in to and out of a car as easy as can be. The Invacare® LiteLockTM system automatically releases once the battery box has been removed.

Then simply lift the front section and place it into the boot of a car along with the other sections. It's just as easy to re-assemble - fit the front section onto the rear section, put the battery pack back and the scooter is secure. Finally, place the seat into position and the scooter's ready to roll.  

Mix n' Match colour panels: easy to change and durable

The Invacare® ColibriTM is designed with the latest trends in mind. So besides enjoying the ride on a stylish base body, drivers can swap the inter-changeable colour panels to match their clothes or the way they feel on the day. ColibriTM offers a selection of panel colours to choose from.

Changing the panels requires no tools whatsoever: simply remove one set of panels and fix the day's chosen colour panels in place. The robust clip-on mechanism guarantees that everything fits together perfectly, with ease, and stays in position until the user feels like a change.

Storing is also hassle-free, as the versatile panels mean many different looks but only one scooter to house.

Stylish comfort and easy manoeuvring

Years of experience and the rigorous testing of components ensure that the Invacare® ColibriTM offers the highest levels of style and comfort.

A soft padded seat with elegant colour stitching comes as standard. Optional seat suspension can give even more comfort when driving outdoors over uneven ground such as cobbled streets.

An ergonomic handlebar allows many hand position options, helping prevent fatigue in the hands and wrists. With its smaller footprint the Invacare® ColibriTM is also great for manoeuvring in tight, limited spaces too.

The easy-to-use, simple to understand intuitive control panel is another feature that makes driving the Invacare® ColibriTM a real pleasure.

Additionally, the non-scuff black tyres won't leave unsightly black marks behind the scooter.

Safe driving and true peace of mind

The Invacare® LiteLockTM system avoids any mistakes during the dismantling and assembly of the scooter. Moreover it easily brings the scooter's parts together and ensures they securely stay in position, thus delivering a safe driving experience.

Extra built-in reflectors have been added to further increase safety.

An optional larger wheel pack, together with a bigger battery pack, is great for those who want to travel further and have peace of mind.

A reliable companion for life's colourful journey

The Invacare® ColibriTM's robustness and dependable performance makes it a reliable companion.

Whether the Invacare® ColibriTM is used for popping down to the supermarket or venturing further afield, every driver will enjoy an effortless, safe journey: in comfort, with colour!

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