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The IVEA for better mobility, safety & efficiency

Supplier: Select Patient Care
18 March, 2016

"The patient loved this piece of equipment… it doesn’t require an additional staff member to ambulate patients with O2 and IV meds, so that’s a huge benefit.” RN

Developed and patented in the USA, the IVEA was designed “by nurses for nurses” for use in the medical surgery area - the majority of patient beds in most hospitals. The IVEA helps to improve patient mobility and safety whilst reducing the number of caregivers required to manage supporting equipment. Perform routine tasks in less time - this gives you more time to focus on your patients. The IVEA stays bedside like a standard IV Pole and then offers stable support during patient ambulation, designed to increase both the patient and carer's satisfaction. Whilst not in use, the IVEA folds away conveniently to help reduce clutter.