The most innovative ergonomic loupes on the market

Supplier: Inline
14 October, 2015

With over 70-plus years of experience in the optics industry, SurgiTel was the first dental loupe supplier to integrate ergonomics with magnification, delivering both better vision and a more comfortable neck posture, reducing discomfort and fatigue for users.

Unfortunately, there are no government standards controlling the quality of loupes and headlights, despite the fact that improperly made products can be very harmful to one’s long term health. Improperly designed or fitted loupes can create serious ergonomic problems such as eye strain, headaches, neck pain/injury and upper back pain/injury and improperly designed LED headlights may stress and damage your vision (Chang, 2013). This information led SurgiTel to patent multiple designs that allow dental professionals to work in greater comfort as well as see with the highest degree of optical precision.

All major loupe manufacturers have little trouble customising some ergonomic fittings, however many fail to include declination angle, which is the most important ergonomic factor when it comes to loupe customisations. Small declination angles will force users to excessively tilt their heads resulting in stress, quicker muscle fatigue and chronic neck pain (see Figure A) (Chang, 2013). 

Figure A

SurgiTel’s customisable declination angle achieves an angle of declination in excess of 45-degrees which has never been done before, allowing for maintenance of a healthy upright posture. The patented vertical slide and double hinge on their front lends mounted designs allows for the loupes to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. This double adjustment allows you to precisely align your FLM loupes, improving both your neck posture and visual image. Having oculars that are low set, exceptionally small and with high declination allows full peripheral vision to be maintained when regular non-magnified vision is required thus removing the need to “Flip-up” in the old fashioned way, avoiding the associated infection control issues generated by touching the loupes when in use.

SurgiTel’s experience coupled with patented ergonomic design features, superior high definition optics and a partnership with Oakley, the most recognised high-performance frame company in the world make them the obvious choice for clinicians looking for the best in dental loupe quality.

SurgiTel loupes are available in both Through-The-Lens and Front-Lens-Mount (2.5x – 8.0x magnification) and are complimented by a full range of integrated headlights and accessories.


What our customers say….

The most striking difference between these new SurgiTel loupes and my old loupes is they are custom fit, fit well, and do not require regular adjusting. The ability to choose any working length for any magnification was the key factor for me choosing SurgiTel over other brands of loupes.

The loupes alleviate back and neck pain and allow for perfect posture due to customisable working length. In addition to this they are ‘more comfortable’ that I was expecting as the weight is barely noticeable.

I can see far more than I used to. I can locate canals much more easily and pick up very fine details. I bought them for endodontics but now use them for all procedures. They are definitely a great addition to your practice. Dr Isidoro Ferlito, CARLINGFORD NSW