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The Only Self-Pressurising Mask Cuff | Mercury

Supplier: RAPP Australia

LMA stands for Laryngeal Mask and it was historically used in the operating room setting however, the LMA has more recently come into use in the emergency setting as an important device for assisting in the management of a difficult airway.

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The Mercury Disposable Laryngeal Mask enables the user to channel and administer anaesthesia gas or oxygen into a patient's lungs. It is inserted blindly into the pharynx, forming a low-pressure seal around the laryngeal inlet and permitting gentle positive pressure ventilation.

It consists of an inflatable silicone mask and rubber connecting tube. All parts are latex-free.

There are two different types of LMAs:

  • Reusable
  • Disposable

In these types there are also different versions of the LMA.

For the Disposable:

  • air-Q® LMA Disposable,
  • air-Q® LMA Disposable Blocker and the
  • air-Q® Self-Pressurising (sp) LMA Disposable.

air-Q® Masked Laryngeal Airways Disposable 1.0 – 4.5

Developed and designed by an anaesthesiologist following 8 years of clinician research...for use with confidence.

The new disposable everyday Laryngeal Airway is now available in 6 sizes and it provides:

  • New Infant Sizes
  • Ease of Placement
  • Better Seal in "Everyday" Use
  • Improved Intubation Success

air-Q® Masked Laryngeal Airways Disposable Blocker 2.5, 3.5 & 4.5

The newly designed air-Q Blocker Tubes are designed to allow suction, vent and block the upper esophagus.

Passing specific medical devices through the air-Q Blocker, the guide tube acts as a multi-orifice conduit for placing medical devices such as Nasogastric (NG) or Blocker Tubes external to the breathing tube and into the upper pharyngeal space or esophagus (which allows managing potential gastric fluids).

The channel / guide allows the clinician to provide suction, vent, and block the upper esophagus during the use of the air-Q Blocker airway when such interventions are desirable.

air-Q® Masked Laryngeal Airways Disposable SP (Self-Pressurizing) 1.0 – 4.5

The LMA Self-Pressurising takes the Guesswork out of Mask Cuff Inflation with:

  • No inflation line necessary
  • Eliminates the extra step of inflating the mask cuff
  • Eliminates mask cuff over inflation

The Disposable Self-Pressurising (SP) Laryngeal Mask (LMA) eliminates the extra step and guesswork for mask cuff inflation and the potential for over-inflation.
With the new Self-Pressurising air-Q® sp, Disposable, Masked Laryngeal Airways, there is no need to inflate the mask; it self-pressurises to the proper inflation pressure automatically during Positive Pressure Ventilation.

The increase in cuff seal pressure occurs at the exact time you need it, during the upstroke of ventilation. On exhalation, the cuff decompresses to the level of the PEEP.

The intra-cuff pressure cycles between the Peak Airway Pressure usually 15 - 30 cm H2O and the level of PEEP < 10 cm H2O. Seal Pressure on exhalation averages 17 - 20 cm H2O.

The result is a safer, efficient, low-pressure seal during the majority of the case. The cyclical lowering in intra-cuff pressure may assist in diminishing complications such as:

  • Mucosal and nerve trauma that result from over-inflating traditional peripheral laryngeal mask cuffs.

It also allows for intubation like the regular air-Q®.

The SP version can be used as an "everyday" airway that facilitates intubation.

The new disposable infant air-Q sizes 1.0 (< 7 kg), 1.5 (7 – 17 kg) and 2.0 (17 – 30 kg) to complete the entire line: 2.5 (30 – 50 kg), 3.5 (50 – 70kg) and 4.5 (70 - 100 kg).

Including a range of accessories like:

  • Removal Stylet
  • Airway Connector
  • Cleaning Brush Kits