Top 6 Traits Every Health Professional Should Have

17 May, 2016

As a health professional you’re trying to maximise your value to your patients.

If you're employed, you're also trying to maximise your value to your employers. If you're an owner/operator you're trying to maximise the value of your practice to prospective new patients and employees. Wherever you sit, there are six traits you should either have now or work into your repertoire as quickly as possible to maximise your value as a healthcare professional.


All the great health professionals have excellent communication skills; the ability to not just impart knowledge, but hear inner concerns that may fall outside a simple diagnosis or response to a problem. Listening to patients, watching body language and responding to anything that may or may not be a problem can make a real difference.  Communicating well with patient's families is also a good trait.


Health professionals deal with stressful and traumatic circumstances on a regular basis; grief and suffering are an unfortunate by-product of the job. The best health professionals are able to operate calmly in life-threatening situations and manage their emotions pragmatically.


Healthcare is an unpredictable career presenting new and unexpected challenges every day; challenges that can take precedence over private lives. Shifts can change, overtime can suddenly be required, and holidays can equally suddenly go out the window. A good healthcare professional understands this and adapts accordingly.


While healthcare professionals must take a measured approach to protect their own emotional health, an ability to empathise with the pain and suffering of others is crucial to the role. Patients and their families turn to their healthcare professionals for comfort and guidance and you need to be able to provide it with sincerity.  

Eye for detail

The smallest detail can make the biggest difference. Thorough health professionals with excellent record-keeping skills and a considered, methodical approach to the job will enjoy far greater success than those who cut corners or rush through paperwork.


It takes a special kind of person to thrive as a healthcare professional and it takes a special kind of endurance to maintain standards through long hours and high stress. Stamina is therefore a critical part of the complete healthcare professional makeup.