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03 June, 2019

This week: How doctors feel about AI taking their jobs - A potential 'stress vaccine' from bacteria living under our feet - Burnout is a legitimate medical diagnosis, says WHO - and more.

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Bowel cancer on the rise in younger Australians

Bowel cancer has long been linked to older people, but a new study has shown a significant rise in the number of Australians under 50 diagnosed with the disease. -


Primary care specialist discusses AI enhancing the human connection in medicine

Artificial intelligence promises to transform medicine. It is already diagnosing cancers and arrhythmias, providing digital health coaching and predicting which patients are at the highest risk of heart failure. -


How do Doctors Feel About AI Taking Their Jobs?

Many are beginning to question if machines will eventually replace humans in several medical processes. To see how physicians feel about the potential implementation of AI in medicine, researchers conducted a survey of 487 pathologists in 54 countries. -


Improving the Care of Patients With Gout

Acute debilitating painful inflammation, frequently involving the joints in the lower extremities, characterizes the clinical presentations of gout. -


Science Just Moved A Step Closer To Making A 'Stress Vaccine' From Bacteria Living Under Our Feet

Bacteria it - was here long before us, it’ll be here long after us, and science is endlessly uncovering its secrets. A new study just revealed a big one concealed by bacteria living in the dirt beneath us, and it could move us closer to the development of the long-theorized “stress vaccine." -


Certain antidepressants could provide a frontline treatment for multiple infectious diseases

Some antidepressants could potentially be used to treat a wide range of diseases caused by bacteria living within cells, according to work by researchers in the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and collaborators at other institutions. -


Scientists develop gel-based delivery system for stem cell-derived factors

In ongoing research to find a treatment for acute kidney injury, scientists have further advanced a promising approach using therapeutic factors produced by stem cells by creating a more efficient delivery method that would improve tissue regeneration. -


Research deepens understanding of gut bacteria’s connections to human health, disease

Researchers at Oregon State University have made an important advance in understanding the roles that gut bacteria play in human health. Learning the mechanisms by which gut microbes affect the health of their hosts opens the door to the development of better, more personalized diagnostic methods and therapies. -


Burnout is a legitimate medical diagnosis, says World Health Organisation

Burnout -- a response to prolonged stress at work that typically involves emotional exhaustion, detachment and feeling ineffective -- has been classified as an official medical diagnosis by the World Health Organisation. -


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