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17 June, 2019

This week: Healthcare Technology in a Post-Digital Age - Navigating complex ethical dilemmas - Healthcare in a crystal ball: Bioprinted body parts - and more.

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Healthcare in a crystal ball: Bioprinted body parts and more

Bioprinted ovaries to cure infertility and bioprinted kidneys for those on dialysis, waiting desperately for a kidney transplant – those were just two of the almost sci-fi scenarios conjured up by futurist Bruce McCabe in his keynote speech at the Queensland eHealth Expo in Brisbane earlier this month. - 


Scientists Think They Finally Know What Happens in The Skin When You Have Eczema

Scientists have pinpointed a bunch of processes that go wrong in the skin for people who have eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis), and it could help us finally figure out how to combat this chronic condition. -


Lower Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Children Vaccinated Against ‘Stomach Flu’ Virus

A U-M study found that type 1 diabetes rates were one-third lower in children who received all doses of the rotavirus vaccine. -


How to navigate complex ethical dilemmas

When our care system is in crisis, how do hospitals decide how to distribute scarce resources? The recent crisis in Queensland’s hospital system shines a light on the complex challenges practitioners and administrators grapple with every day. -


Transparency and out-of-pocket specialist fees

Out-of-pocket expenses charged by specialists have again come under the microscope, with concerns about fees charged by high-profile Sydney neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo. -


Healthcare Technology in a Post-Digital Age

The post-digital age can be defined as an age where everything is digitally connected. And according to a new report from Accenture, healthcare is already there. -


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