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08 July, 2019

This week: The health impacts of climate change - AI-based flu vaccine - Personalised SnakeBots & the future of surgery - and more.

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AI-based flu vaccine developed by Flinders University heads for U.S. trials

A seasonal flu vaccine developed with the help of artificial intelligence by scientists at Flinders University is about to be tested in clinical trials across the United States. -


These two brothers are living healthier lives, thanks to genetic testing

Brothers Hayden and Tyler Smith were in and out of hospital with a mysterious condition until genetic testing revealed what was wrong. -


Personalised SnakeBots point the way to the future of surgery

Medical researchers hope the next phase in the evolution of cutting-edge medical robots could see elaborate surgeries performed in regional areas away from big hospitals. -


AI Identifies Whether a Patient is a Good Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery

Machine learning AI has recently been used to distinguish between patients who are fit for corneal refractive surgery and those who are likely to experience post-operative complications. -


Strain of common cold virus could revolutionize treatment of bladder cancer

A strain of the common cold virus has been found to potentially target, infect and destroy cancer cells in patients with bladder cancer, a new study in the medical journal Clinical Cancer Research reports. -


The health impacts of climate change and why calls for action are growing louder

We tend to think about climate change as an environmental problem. But it's the impending impacts on our health that have medical experts sounding the alarm. -


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