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26 August, 2019

This week: Measuring quality of life in aged care - How diabetes can increase cancer risk - Genetic testing: What could possibly go wrong? - and more.

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Aged care residents in teeth cleaning trial had better health outcomes

Experts say older Australians used to lose their teeth before entering aged care, but keeping them comes with a host of challenges. A Tasmanian trial has shown basic teeth cleaning in aged-care homes led to a drop in deadly lung infections. -


Measuring quality of life in aged care

Understanding what good quality of life means to aged-care consumers could assist economic evaluation of services, researchers say.-


How diabetes can increase cancer risk

For years, scientists have been trying to solve a medical mystery: Why do people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes have an increased risk of developing some forms of cancer? -


Genetic Testing Unleashed: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Genetic testing can help individuals and their clinicians determine if they are at higher risk to develop cancer, cardiac disease, or other genetic conditions that afflicted generations of their family members. -


Am I ‘Just a GP’? Absolutely – and proud of it

Dr Wendy Burton reflects on wearing the label ‘Just a GP’ with pride, and how it helps reinforce the love of her profession. -


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