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27 January, 2020

This week: Researchers trace roots of potentially fatal heart condition - Old whooping cough vaccine may protect against food allergies - Health workers urged to follow advice on coronavirus - and more.

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World-first diabetes research to follow babies from pregnancy to early childhood

An additional $8.25 million for the ENDIA Study into type 1 diabetes will enable researchers to follow 1500 children in the first years of their lives. -


Researchers trace the molecular roots of a potentially fatal heart condition

A study led by researchers at Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital and the University of Oxford shows that when too many of the heart's molecular motor units get switched on and too few remain off, the heart muscle begins to contract excessively and fails to relax normally, leading to its gradual overexertion, thickening and failure. -


AI-based voice analysis app monitors mentally ill patients

An interactive voice application that leverages artificial intelligence is able to track the clinical state of patients with serious mental illness by analyzing their speech samples. -


Old whooping cough vaccine could protect against food allergies

A review of child food allergy cases from the late 1990s has revealed that children who received one or more doses of an older whole-cell whooping cough vaccine were 23% less likely to be diagnosed with a food allergy than those who had the updated acellular version. -


Australian health workers are urged to follow advice on coronavirus

Health workers particularly in emergency departments and those who are primary and community health workers are being urged to follow recommendations made by the Australian Government Department of Health on how to respond to the coronavirus. -


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