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24 February, 2020

This week: 3 measures that assess patient quality of life - Virtual gaming helps rehab patients get back on their feet - AI discovers surprising new antibiotics - and more

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Bushfire smoke: urgent need for a national health protection strategy

Bushfires have always been a feature of the natural environment in Australia, but the risk has increased over time as fire seasons start earlier, finish later, and extreme fire weather (ie, very hot, dry and windy conditions that make fires fast moving and very difficult to control) becomes more severe with climate change. -


Push to boost the number of male nurses

We hear a lot about the gender imbalance in male-dominated professions like engineering and mining but there is one crucial industry where that imbalance is reversed. Men only make up 11 per cent of the nursing workforce and there is a campaign to boost the numbers to help address a nurse shortage. -


3 measures that assess patient quality of life

In healthcare, the concept of patient quality of life is essential. After all, neither provider nor patient wants to begin a new treatment path if it’s going to seriously reduce quality of life. -


Virtual gaming helps rehab patients get back on their feet

A global trial into the effects of digital devices in rehabilitation has found that virtual reality (VR) video games, activity monitors and handheld computer devices can help people stand and walk. -


Deep learning AI discovers surprising new antibiotics

With the rapid rise in drug resistance in many pathogens, new antibiotics are desperately needed. It may be only a matter of time before a wound or scratch becomes life-threatening. Yet few new antibiotics have entered the market of late, and even these are just minor variants of old antibiotics. -


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