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02 March, 2020

This week: Reciprocity in global health - Mutations in regulators of cell signalling, an understudied cause of cancer - A day in the life of an elder clown - and more.

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Reciprocity in global health: Ain’t easy but vital

In theory, global health, as a field, takes pride in principles such as equity, reciprocity, and bidirectional partnerships. In fact, these principles are used to separate ‘global health’ from its previous iterations (e.g. ‘international health’ and ‘tropical’ & ‘colonial medicine’). -


Aged care must prepare for coronavirus

There is something strange about the coronavirus now leaping from country to country. Based on the best available data, coronavirus is most dangerous to older people, while leaving young people all but untouched. -


An understudied cause of cancer: Mutations in regulators of cell signalling

Mutations in a vital class of regulatory molecules are an underappreciated cause of cancer because they impair the function of "G" proteins, a versatile and vast family of signalling switches that underlie innumerable biological facets of life itself. -


How I cope with the bad days

Do you ever have those days where you wonder why you are a nurse or if you’re good enough to be a nurse? When feeling the strain of burnout, I often need to take a time out. Sometimes I do a self-care day where I do whatever helps me relax and remember there is more to life than work. -


A day in the life of an elder clown

Bonnie is an Elder Clown with The Humour Foundation. She visits aged-care facilities throughout Sydney, bringing joy, laughter and friendship, especially to the socially isolated or those living with dementia. Today she is visiting Lulworth House.


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