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06 April, 2020

This week: Adapting Emergency Departments for COVID-19 - Research into why COVID-19 is harmless to some and lethal to others - How AI Will Impact The Future Of Patient Care - and more.

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Adapting Emergency Departments for COVID-19 Surge

Over 1 million confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported. As cases rise and we eventually hit a peak, health care systems will be overwhelmed if they are not prepared. -


World-first telehealth 'virtual clinic' takes pressure off hospitals with COVID-19 patient management at home

A world-first medical service here in Australia could be the key to relieving the pressure on hospitals and help provide safer management of people most prone to or already suffering from COVID-19. -


Research examines why COVID-19 is harmless to some and lethal to others

Researchers in Western Australia are leading the fight to understand why young, healthy patients who don't have any of the usual warning signs are still getting very sick and dying from COVID-19 while others in their cohort are barely affected. -


Free hotel stay for Victoria’s healthcare workers on the frontline

Victoria’s frontline health workers will have free hotel stays if they need to self-isolate during the coronavirus crises. Healthcare workers are more likely to be diagnosed with coronavirus than any other workforce and are at higher risk of coming into close contact with someone with the virus. -


How AI Will Impact The Future Of Patient Care

The human body is a complex system. Just like any complex system, mountains of data are generated when an individual’s body is tested, and a lot of important insights can be gleaned when the data of many people is studied. -


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