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06 July, 2020

This week: A look into the future healthcare practice - Planning for the COVID-19 aftermath - Opioids and surgery: Striking the balance in pain relief - and more.

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WHO expects to see first results from coronavirus drug trials within two weeks

The WHO's Solidarity Trial is testing five possible treatments for COVID-19. Nearly 5,500 patients in 39 countries are taking part in the trials. Interim results are expected within a fortnight. -


Hasty rush to cloud hosting during COVID-19 crisis could set stage for 'cyberpandemic'

The speed and scale at which healthcare orgs have had to embrace cloud hosting, often without proper due diligence, could lead to lasting risks and vulnerabilities for a much bigger attack surface. -


COVID-19: planning for the aftermath to manage the aftershocks

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic management is focused on prevention, case finding and survival. Australia and New Zealand have done well. We should now also plan for future waves and the recovery phase. -


Opioids and surgery: Striking the balance in pain relief

Tim Tran is a clinical pharmacist working on hospital surgical wards at Austin Health in Melbourne. He sees the effects of invasive surgeries such as knee and hip replacements on his patients. He also has a detailed understanding of the systems in place for providing strong opioid pain medications for these patients when they go home. -


A look into the future healthcare practice

COVID-19 has changed our world. Almost every business and industry is learning to adapt to the changes that this virus has ushered in, and none so more than the healthcare industry, which has been pushed into previously unfamiliar territory. -


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