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08 September, 2020

This week: AI in health care, the fifth Industrial Revolution - Physician finds new insights as COVID-19 patient - Alarming behaviour employers should look out for - and more.

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Artificial intelligence in health care: preparing for the fifth Industrial Revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the trigger for the next great transformation of society: the fifth Industrial Revolution. AI has already arrived in health care, but are we ready for the kind of changes that it will introduce? -


Frontline healthcare workers likely to be first to receive COVID vaccine

The key terms have been laid out for supply deals that could deliver Australia millions of vaccine doses as early as January 2021. -


Emergency physician finds new insights as a COVID-19 patient

When you become a patient the language of the pandemic changes. No longer is there talk of social distancing and debate about the rules of lockdown. Life contracts, to be discussed in numbers: days since symptom onset, days since the swab, and digits displayed on probes announcing oxygen saturation and temperature. -


Alarming behaviour employers should look out for

The increasing demand on the Australian healthcare system due to COVID-19 has put immense pressure on the mental health of healthcare workers. Not only are our healthcare workers working long irregular hours, they are also working under extremely stressful situations that can take a toll on their mental health. -


Nursing in the 1918 Pandemic

Today Australian nurses are facing the challenge of saving lives amid a pandemic on home soil. They are the frontline defence and they put themselves at risk for the benefit of their patients and the wider community. In 1918 their predecessors dealt with a similar virus during the most brutal war of the twentieth century while overseas. - 


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