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14 September, 2020

This week: Wastewater tests for COVID - How research can improve patient care & nurse wellbeing -The healthcare products winning Good Design Awards - and more.

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How research can improve patient care and nurse wellbeing

When asked what would make their working life easier or how they could be better supported to deliver the care to which they aspire, nurses most often say “better staffing”, according to a body of research evidence linking nurse staffing with staff wellbeing, care quality and patient outcomes. -


Health experts urge WHO to acknowledge aerosol transmission of COVID-19

The World Health Organisation has been urged by a group of health experts to change their advice regarding the aerosol transmission of COVID-19. Lidia Morawska says viruses can last in the air for tens of minutes and potentially hours. -


Asthma may not increase the risk of severe COVID-19

A recent review of research suggests that the proportion of all patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who also have asthma is similar to the prevalence of asthma in the wider population. -


Wastewater tests for COVID launching in bid to spot outbreaks early

Every week, workers are taking samples of wastewater in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations around Australia. These vials will be analysed for traces of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. -


The healthcare products taking out Good Design Awards

The Good Design Awards program is one of the oldest and most prestigious international design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation. - 


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