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09 November, 2020

This week: A Day in the Life of a Sydney paramedic - Mental health and COVID-19 - GPs to be at forefront of Australia’s COVID vaccine distribution - and more.

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COVID 19: Is there a silver lining?

Leading UK pharmacy academic Christine Bond thinks there have been some positives for pharmacy that will emerge from 2020 – from efficiency gains such as e-prescriptions, to greater awareness of the role pharmacy plays. -


Going into quarantine for coronavirus is confronting, even for this Royal Melbourne Hospital nurse

Think going into a five-star hotel to quarantine for a fortnight due to coronavirus would be great? This nurse says you're wrong. -


Mental health and COVID-19: are we really all in this together?

Most disasters are focal and time-limited. This one will span a considerable period of time and the economic impact will last years. This means the mental health effects will be deeper and more sustained than in other disasters. -


GPs to be at forefront of Australia’s COVID vaccine distribution

The latest deals mean Australia has now secured 50 million additional doses of coronavirus vaccines currently in the final stages testing, bringing the overall total to 134 million. -


A Day in the Life of a Sydney paramedic

Every 26 seconds someone in NSW calls 000 for an ambulance. Responding to an array of incidents across the city, a paramedic won’t know what emergency situation they’ll be called to next. It is sometimes said that paramedics see more trauma in one shift than most people see in a lifetime. - 


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