30 Nov 2020

This week: How has medicine changed in the past 20 years? - Electric air ambulance unveiled - What a new Oxford vaccine trial means for Australia - and more.

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How has medicine changed in the past 20 years? A look at dementia, cancer care and chronic disease

The 21st century began with the first draft of the human genome, and with it, the promise of immense new powers to treat, prevent and cure disease. In high-income countries like Australia, rates of heart disease were falling, and life expectancy was rising. - abc.net.au


Electric air ambulance unveiled

Vertiia is an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that can cruise at a speed of 300 km/h and travel up to 250 km (electric) or 800 km (hydrogen). The aircraft is regarded as being considerably safer than travelling by helicopter and is significantly quieter than combustion engine aircraft. - hospitalhealth.com.au


Superspreaders, asymptomatics and COVID-19 elimination

Lifting lockdown when numbers are low but not zero means that superspreaders may remain, leading to a further wave of the epidemic. - mja.com.au


What does a new Oxford COVID vaccine trial mean for Australia?

Oxford University and AstraZeneca’s decision to undertake a new international trial to assess the efficacy of its COVID vaccine candidate has raised concerns over what it will mean for distribution in Australia, which has an agreement to purchase more than 30 million doses of the vaccine. - racgp.org.au


Report reveals healthcare trends across clinical specialty areas

Australian healthcare continues to improve across a range of clinical areas but is in decline across parts of both maternity and mental health, according to a new national report. - anmj.org.au


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