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Unique Care prides itself on ability to custom make products

Supplier: Unique Care
29 September, 2008

Wendy Hardcastle from Unique Care, says that the company is special because it is the direct manufacturer of its own products, allowing it to provide customers with exactly what they want.

For example, she says, the company custom design beds to suit the customer's needs.

"Some clients don't wish to have castors on their beds - just round tube legs. Some clients require extra width, extra length, different colour powdercoating and different colour or shape head boards are no problem for us.

"We give them the option of choosing which functions they require for the bed, so they
don't have to purchase functions they don't need. We can customise a bed especially for our customers and we have the ability to negotiate directly on prices, especially for buyers of bulk beds. In addition, we  are able to set up periodical bed replacement programs as well."

She adds that the products are licensed to carry the one and only 'authentic' Australian made green and gold logo - because they are 'truly' manufactured and assembled right here in Australia.

By purchasing its own products, Wendcastle adds that customers feel good about supporting Australian Manufacturers and the Australian Made Campaign.

"I love working for our company because of the overwhelming job satisfaction I gain from hearing how appreciative our customers are and what a difference we have made to making people's lives so much easier.

"Just knowing we are an Australian Manufacturer that is so trusted, successful and renowned for what we do, is really rewarding too."

So what can electric beds offer to those who need them? Wendcastle says that using electric beds means that nurses and carers no longer have to lift a patient up into sitting position in their beds - they just push a button and the backrest does it for them.

"Nurses and carers can now attend to residents at a comfortable working height by
pushing a button to raise the bed. Nurses who make umpteen beds a day are
saving their backs by raising the bed to a suitable working height.

"Residents can also adjust their own beds to a sitting position - allowing them independence. They can adjust and lower their bed to a safe height to make getting in and out of bed easier for them - usually without assistance, also allowing them independence - and they can push a button to elevate their own legs as well without assistance."

Hardcastle adds that residents who were prone to falling out of bed often did not sleep well due to fear of injuries should they fall out. But now they can sleep without worrying in a SafeCare floor bed. They are also likely to wake up and prevent their own fall as well.

"Electric beds offer independence, freedom to move, safety and comfort to users. To carers, they offer 'a lot of time to be doing other important things' and relief from back strains. In addition, it relieves the pressure of being required each time a resident needs to sit up, move their legs or get in and out of bed.

"In addition, elderly fall prone residents and bariatric residents can now have a bed to suit their needs. Hopefully mattresses on floors will soon also be a thing of the past.

"We are proud of what we have accomplished, proud of how many lives our products have made easier, and are really excited about the constant improvements in technology that continue to allow us to constantly design products to help people even more."