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Unity Scientific Asia Pacific

Unity Scientific Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is a privately held company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia providing spectroscopic and scientific analytical solutions to corporations throughout Asia, Australia and the Pacific

We specialise in providing:

NIR Spectroscopic Solutions

NIR (near infrared) Spectroscopic solutions involving raw materials and finished product for agricultural, food, beverage, meat, dairy, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and industrial samples

Automated On-Line Water Analysis

Automated on-line analysis of key parameters of water and waste water for Public Utilities (including power stations, sewerage treatment plants and water treatment plants) and Industrial water in-flow and waste.

Our company focus is on providing superior, predictable and simple, analytical solutions using new generation instrumentation.

We combine this innovative instrumentation with a lifetime of industry experience and knowledge and support our customers from the initial concepts, through instrument selection, solution and calibration development, technical support and on-going service and maintenance.

Unity Scientific Asia Pacific is the Regional Headquarters for Unity Scientific Inc, and distributes, installs; maintains and services Unity Scientific Inc manufactured NIR Spectrophotometers across Australia, Asia and the Pacific

We are the exclusive Australian agent for Bran+Luebbe On-line Monitors

We maintain, install and service Bran+Luebbe NIR InfraAlysers

We sell, maintain, install and service ATA Olive Analysers

We service Bran+Luebbe Continuous Flow Analysers.

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