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Vaccine Monitoring Made Easy: Good Cold Chain Practices

Supplier: Global Cold Chain Solutions
11 September, 2008

Ensure your Vaccines are Stored Correctly and Prevent Wastage by adequate temperature control measures.

There is an easier way to monitor your vaccine fridges quickly and accurately with the iLog data loggers. Maintain data integrity by obtaining regular, accurate readings which you can store electronically or print out a hardcopy. The time consuming and tedious task of handwriting charts can be enhanced by using a logger – and the logger won’t forget to take down the readings!  The software will meet and exceed requirements stipulated by Australian regulatory bodies such as theTGA, as well as global FDA 21CFR Part 11 world-wide requirements.

The Escort iLog logger will indicate highest, lowest and average temperature readings on the display, and will show how long the fridge has gone out of specification if it does go outside the parameters you have set, and will tell you at what temperature.   Simply hang the logger outside the fridge and place the probe inside a vaccine box within the fridge and start logging!  Then detach the probe from the logger and leave in the fridge, place the logger in the cradle, and download the readings to your computer.  The software will chart the readings and at the click of a button you can convert to a line graph. 

Take Corrective Action: Risk Minimisation

Furthermore, there is an option to set an audible alarm and flashing red light for readings that go above or below specification (i.e. above 8?C or below 2?C).  This can in turn allow the user to take corrective action and may prevent mass vaccine wastage due to the current inability to make a decision concerning the remaining shelf life of the vaccine. 

Imagine there is a power outage over the weekend your fridge warms up well above 8?C.  When you arrive Monday morning you would not currently be able to establish how long the vaccines had been in this environment.

The iLog will be able to tell you how low the vaccines were exposed to these temperatures, providing you with specific information concerning the “history” of the fridge.  With the iLog logger you will be equipped with the facts to make these critical decisions. 

Global Cold Chain Solutions Pty Ltd is a specialist supplier of cold chain temperature monitoring equipment, services and consultancy solutions.

Laura Wills has a special research interest in the temperature-control requirements of the Life Science supply chain. She is a director of Global Cold Chain Solutions and holds a recently attained Post Graduate degree qualification in Business, and an undergraduate Bachelor degree of Business (Management/Media Communications), both acquired at Swinburne University of Technology.