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Vaisala | Environmental & Industrial Measurement


Vaisala develops, manufactures and markets products and services for environmental and industrial measurement. Vaisala's markets are global. The mission is to provide basis for better quality of life, environmental protection, safety, efficiency and cost savings.

The major customer groups are national meteorological services, aviation authorities, defense forces, road and rail authorities, land and water resource management agencies, research institutes, insurance companies, public utilities and industry worldwide. Vaisala's aim is to serve customers who appreciate premium class value. The company is the global market leader in many of its core businesses.

Vaisala’s core business is environmental measurement, especially weather measurement,and corresponding industrial measurements. Business is conducted by three divisions: Vaisala Measurement Systems,Vaisala Solutions and Vaisala Instruments.

The Vaisala Solutions and Vaisala Measurement Systems divisions develop, manufacture and market systems and solutions that are used to measure weather conditions, and provide services to support day-to-day operations. The Vaisala Instruments division specializes in products that measure industrial and environmental conditions in various industrial and meteorological applications, and supports its products with maintenance partnerships.

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Vaisala focuses on measuring the environment, particularly the weather, and on corresponding industrial measurements. Our offering includes instruments, measurement systems, application-specific solutions, and weather data. Our main customer groups are weather professionals and industry. Vaisala's aim is to serve customers who appreciate premium class value. Our value proposition is based on three key strengths: innovation, reliability, and the ability to solve customer problems. Vaisala's goal is to be the global market leader in our chosen areas.

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