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Vectosurge offers a two channel electrotherapy system to monitor patients

Supplier: Performance Health ANZ
16 July, 2008

This 2-channel electrotherapy system includes 2 + 4 pole interferential and muscle stimulation, and two channels for either standard interferential, or dual-site Bi-Polar treatments.

It also comes equipped with a Multi-Waveform capability. This provides Interferential, Premodulated and Russian stimulation.

The multiple frequencies allow interferential therapy at 4000 Hz plus a 10,000 Hz frequency, which is not found on other brands. This maximises comfort during interferential treatments, and a 2500 Hz frequency for producing maximum muscle contraction.

The Auto Vector 200 function automatically rotates the vector 200 times per second, which ensures therapeutic benefits.
Plus the one control knob selects all the parameters to be easily programmed. Other functions include:

-  “Dial-&-Set” treatment parameters that can be stored and started by simply pressing the start button to start a treatment
- Surge Control provides precise control over the surge mode with rise, fall, on and off times, all independently
programmable for optimum contraction techniques.
- The Manual Balance Control is good for balancing Interferential and Premodulated applications for maximum patient comfort and therapy benefit
- The Lead-Off detector is an audible alarm that will sound if a lead loses contact with the treatment area
- This system easily combines with any Accusonic single or twin frequency for combined therapy
- It complies with the Medical Device Directive (CE)