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VibroGym Whole Body Vibration Platform

Supplier: High Tech Laser

VibroGym Whole Body Vibration Platforms are a proven tool for improving strength and power, flexibility, circulation and balance, bone density and for preventing falls.

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The VibroGym is registered as medical device in Australia with ARTG (Australia Register of Therapeutic Goods) number 145791.

The World's Leading Vibration Platform

VibroGym Whole Body Vibration (WBV) was the world's first commercial whole body vibration training platform. It remains the leader in reliability, research and training technique development. Originally released in Europe in 1999, it has developed to become a highly beneficial exercise modality.

The VibroGym is designed and built in Europe and has been the subject of numerous research papers around the world.
A number of research papers have confirmed that VibroGym achieves the benefits of a complete 1-hour strength workout in only 15 to 20-minutes. In addition to rapid strength gains research has suggested:

* Equivalent gains as conventional training in a shorter period of time
* Increases in lean body mass
* Increased explosive power with less training time
* Increased jumping ability
* Increase of the maximum isotonic strength
* Reduction in delayed-onset muscle soreness
* Enhanced flexibility gains when vibration is combined with stretching
* Bone density gains in post-menopausal women and improve balance recovery for falls prevention

(Before March 2004, the Vibrogym was formally referred to as Powerplate. Research before this time mentioning Powerplate has been actually performed on the VibroGym platform. The product now marketed as Powerplate is a different product and no longer features the high quality Dutch engineering and construction of the VibroGym).

VibroGym sets the standard in quality and research and leads the way in developing effective training methods using whole body vibration.

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