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Visibility Solutions

Awarepoint Real-time Awareness Solutions are a platform for hospital patient and asset tracking and beyond. With its roots in healthcare, Awarepoint is providing its Real-time Awareness Solutions® to hospital clients which include prestigious teaching institutions, premiere independents, defence facilities and members of major integrated delivery networks. Today, Awarepoint Real-time Awareness Solutions® specifically address many of the complex problems facing the healthcare industry such as real-time patient tracking, patient flow, and asset tracking. With Awarepoint Real-time Awareness Solutions®, hospitals now have the latest and most effective tools to increase equipment utilisation, improve patient safety and outcomes, while reducing equipment rental costs and shrinkage.

Unlike other hospital asset tracking solutions, Awarepoint's technologies provide patented wireless sensors that simply plug into general power outlets to form the self-healing Awarenet™ mesh network. Awarepoint utilises key standards in its sensor network design, such as 802.15.4 ZigBee® mesh network technology, but utilises a custom sensor designed around those standards to make deployment very simple. The sensor is a small, unobtrusive device: It requires no cabling and can be moved to other general power outlets needed to optimise the performance of the system - ensuring seamless operation for enhanced resource management, patient tracking and patient flow initiatives.

Visibility Solutions works with each hospital to determine areas of the facility which can benefit from Awarepoint's RTLS. A detailed Value Calculator using your hospital’s specific data determines the types and levels of savings you can expect.

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