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Washers / Reference Washing Machines

Supplier: Electrolux

Wascator FOM 71CLS is the official reference washing machine that meets IEC and ISO international standards

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Features of Reference Washing Machines

  • Part of the Laboratory Equipment
    • Reference washing machines are part of the laboratory equipment.
    • They test wash performance and provides highest possible repeatability on the market as well as reproducibility combined with professional quality results for continued 24 hour operation. 
  • Complies with IEC and ISO standard
    • Wascator FOM 71CLS is the only machine on the market which complies with IEC and ISO standards (IEC 60456, ISO 6330:1984 and ISO 6330:2000 and has been approved by them.  
  • Built-in Scale
    • The new model is equipped with a built-in scale for precise volume control (+/- 0.2 litre/bath) and level control (+/- 0.8 litre/bath).  
  • Wascator FOM 71CLS is suspended
    • No special foundation is needed for the Wascator FOM 71CLS because it is suspended.
    • A frequency controlled motor provides full flexibility in wash and extraction speeds as well as wash actions.  
  • Easy Sampling of Bath Water
    • The stainless steel cabinet construction comes standard with a test tap for easy sampling of bath water.
    • The machine comes with a connection for an external temperature sensor.
    • Analogue output from the scale to data acquisition systems is also possible. 
  • Economical
    • Wascator FOM 71CLS has a modern drum design, with small space between the inner and outer drum.
    • This ensures an efficient use of water and detergent. The position of the drain valve is mounted directly onto the outer drum for high detergent efficiency.

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