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Supplier: Select Patient Care
03 April, 2020

We are sympathetic with the unprecedented pressure that our nursing staff are under and only exist to help…

The current world crisis has placed immense demand for supporting equipment on many healthcare providers casting them back onto the quality and reliability of their supply chains. We are a local manufacturer based in Queensland with well-tried and proven product designs, hand-built to your order requirements and dispatched quickly, a long way in front of the months of waiting for the production and shipping of many imported product lines.

Many other Australian manufacturers and equipment suppliers are specialists in a specific line of products (just as we are), however don’t have the infrastructure further afield to successfully maintain sales and warranty requirements in Queensland. By working closely with these companies, we deliver the local support structure that we know will guarantee the long term success for both Australian manufacturing and our valued customers.

We have a proven track record and reputation for quality offerings, backed by a 100% commitment to provide the best after sales support in the industry. 

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