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We’re not sitting still…

Supplier: Select Patient Care
26 July, 2018

Recently we launched our new global manufacturing brand, Modsel. The patient transport and procedure stretchers, chairs, shower trolleys and rounds trolleys we design and manufacture can all be procured through our national Modsel distribution network.

Select Patient Care is totally focused on delivering these products along with a large range of other clinical equipment to the Queensland healthcare sector. Now we are bringing a slight brand refresh to Select Patient Care to better reflect who we are. Our new styling has been simplified to show that we are honest, lively and solid!

So what does all this mean?

  • To be honest, the brand had to be frank, no complexity – exactly what you see is what you get. And that’s what we will continue to be with our products and service.
  • A lively team needs a lively colour. That is why we have taken the small amount of pink out of our existing style and made it the hero. Have you ever experienced the youthfulness and vibrancy in our team?
  • Just one solid colour – that is one way that we can display our strength. We have been around a long time with a good, solid foundation. And our aftersales care is second to none!

Thanks again for your support and we would like to think that you will only ever see dynamic improvement in our products and service!