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Wear Group

WearGroup™ is the industry leader when it comes to the innovation of Dental, Veterinary and Pharmacy Tunics. We bring innovation, style, comfort, but most of all functionality to all of our garments. That is why WearGroup™ uses the very latest in Garment technology. This process is achieved through our specialised fabrics and manufacturing techniques. At WearGroup™We understand that the requirements of the Dental, Veterinary and Pharmacy are different, indeed much more demanding, to that of a General Business.

We have achieved this result by incorporating what you the customer want. Over the last year our R & D team has exhaustively compiled research through many Dentists and their staff to find out what it is important for a Uniform in a busy working environment.

We have dedicated fabric technicians who travel the globe to find the right materials for our products; they are at the forefront of Nano-Fabric Technology. ur Factory has unparalleled Quality Control procedures that make sure our garments are consistent time and time again, with level of excellence our customers have come to expect. At WearGroup™ we like to have a "Hands on approach"

We have employed the finest pattern & dressmakers to make sure each and every one of our garments meets the 3 F's.


Our Tag Line "The perfect Fit", reflects not only the functionality and fashionable design of our garments, but also honors the integrity of your business, by portraying a professional image to your most valuable asset "The Patient". We recognise that healthcare professionals are not only our customers, but also special individuals who make a tremendous and integral contribution to people's health and well being. And it is only right that they have the best uniform for the job.

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