What if efficiency was delivered to you in a new way?

Supplier: Select Patient Care
15 January, 2021

With one of the largest ranges of medical carts available at just the click of a mouse, we can help you efficiently store and transport your vital clinical supplies.

The security towards patient access over against the speed and reliability of staff admittance is always taken into consideration, along with the wear and tear that the products endure daily. With 100% access inside every drawer, our carts also come equipped with a slide-out side shelf that extends to assist in the practicality and smooth sailing, when completing daily tasks. 

Throughout most of Queensland we deliver our products straight to your door, with the help of our company owned vehicles and delivery drivers. This means we can guarantee that your products will arrive on time, fully assembled and with no packaging waste. With the upmost care being taken from the time they leave our factory, to when they arrive on your doorstep.

To partner with the best, there are certain features we look for within our products. You must have absolute assurance that the product you ordered will work for the long-term and we agree, so here is a list of quality aspects we use to determine our hero products:

  • Colour identification choice to allow practical use in any department
  • Locking simplicity, easy to maintain and tightly controlled access
  • Quick supply of parts if required, ensuring downtime of the product is low
  • Tough, one-piece, easy to clean working surfaces
  • Heavy duty coatings to ensure no cracking or breakdowns
  • A quality product that eliminates failure through structural integrity

We partner with the best manufactures in the industry to ensure our products are reliable, durable and 100% user friendly to reinforce our mission.

That we aim to make nursing easier for you.