What makes safe and efficient patient handling a critical skill?

Supplier: Modsel
11 June, 2019

We know that safe and efficient patient handling is a critical skill that healthcare professionals take seriously, and one that they need to employ every day as they carry out their roles...

Every patient has different care requirements, so it’s important that professionals have the appropriate tools in place to care for them safely and efficiently, no matter their specific condition, treatment plan or required procedure…

Modsel’s specialised patient procedure chairs increase efficiency by controlling costs and risk, to both patient and carer, through streamlined patient handling, in areas such as fast-track emergency, treatment rooms, medical clinics, aged care and as a day surgery or stretcher chair.

Our products are designed in conjunction with healthcare professionals, based on their first-hand experience. This collaborative approach ensures our procedure chairs are built in a way that makes them useful for a variety of different patients and situations, as well as being built to last and to withstand the rigorous uses of hospital life.

Compact and comfortable, procedure chairs are designed to;

  • save valuable space,
  • be easy to move in and out of tight areas and
  • result in a higher patient throughput with reduced waiting times

Patients can be positioned easily and moved from prep to procedure to recovery, without needing to be lifted or transferred. This helps to keep the patient comfortable, minimises the physical exertion required by the carer and saves valuable time.

We know that it’s the little things that matter when it comes to looking after patients, and our Contour Recline chairs can help you make a difference. Please get in touch if you’d like more information on how we can support you.